QUAM Conseil
536 chem Mas Ducup

Tel : 06 11 14 59 36

Quam in a few words

QUAM is a young company, created in 1997 by two associates, both coming from the R&D world and with a solid experience in the consulting business.

QUAM’s core competence is organization and management consultancy, both for private companies and local authorities. Our fields of excellence include :

  • fostering innovation in the enterprise, from idea to market,
  • implementing new organizations,
  • competitiveness audit and development :

Core to our success in these three fields is our focus on creating value : first of all the economic value for our clients, and then, the value for our clients' customers. Our motto is : “ we’ll help you become your clients’ supplier of choice”

To best support teams in charge of designing new products or services, QUAM has crafted specific methods & tools, in particular in the innovation field. To share this knowledge and know-how, QUAM has developed training programs on :

  • creativity / how to find best novel ideas,
  • functional analysis / how to best focus on users needs
  • value analysis / to make your products & services “value benchmarks”, if not real leaps in value on their respective markets.

We believe more in facts than promises, and we are therefore dedicated to supporting our clients until the solutions we suggest are effectively operational. To build this strong relationship with you, QUAM engages in a true partnership with you through :

  • listening to your requirements, that includes reformulation to make sure that we have a common understanding of the context,
  • a detailed proposal that is “tailored-made” to your needs,

regular reporting all along our mission.

Quam is always striving to ensure the best quality to its clients as demonstrated by our ISO-9001 certification, renewed by Bureau Veritas Certification since 1997. .
Last but not least, we are very proud of the trust that some leading companies have demonstrated by partnering with us:

Companies : Actaris, Bijoux GL, BioMérieux, Caisse d’Epargne, Danone Group, Danone Waters, Danone Dairy products, Electricité De France, Garlock, Lafuma, Messier Bugatti, SPIT-ITW Group, TEVA Santé, Yves Saint-Laurent parfums…
Local authorities : Bordeaux, Boulogne-Billancourt, Lyon, Nantes….

Réalisation : Studio BELEK QUAM Conseil | Conseil en management à Perpignan | 536 chem Mas Ducup 66000 PERPIGNAN | tél : 06 11 14 59 36